Christian Garcia


My name is Christian Garcia, I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from the rich nation of Colombia! Full of beautiful views, people, and smiles! So naturally I drink way too much coffee. Being born in Colombia and raised there for a short period of my life opened my eyes as well as my heart to the people around me wherever I go. Our lives are too short to be worrying about things that are out of our control. I’m a go with the flow kinda guy but I won’t be afraid to pick up the paddle to help steer myself to where I want to go.

I have a passion for visuals since I was a Sophomore in High school. I picked up the camera that year and i’ve had trouble putting it down since. I am now a Senior at Kennesaw State University, studying Visual Marketing. I enjoy being able to get outside to create for brands and companies whenever I get the chance. I want to continue to keep wandering this Earth as I wander closer to His heart. As much as I enjoy taking pictures of brands and having the opportunity to travel. My heart has been growing steadfast to go overseas and partner with nonprofits to create visuals of how they’re being a light to the people around them. To spread joy of the one who gives joy.

I’m a man on a mission taking it day by day.