Eric Ford

An Innovator, An Adventurer, A Curator. These are the elements that define who I am and what my brand is about. I Born and raised in Houston, Tx,  and graduated from Texas Southern University. I am a lover of anything artsy and passion driven. Through my work as a Visual Curator, I inspire others to follow the paths of their heart and to take risk. I believe that your destiny is the end game but the adventures you take is the process that it takes to get there and all of our travels are different in many ways. By embracing each other differences, we create an atmosphere of hope, love, and freedom. 

In between the building my brand and working clients I take pride in thrift shopping, watch power rangers, jamming to a new vibe, and attending church. I spend a great deal of my time supporting my friends in their own creative fields because there is nothing like supporting someone who you love and care for. I want to explore and enjoy my life, do things I never did before, take journey on the wild side. I just love being in a carefree environment that is not judgmental, living, and ultimately peaceful.m, and if I can bring that kind of space with me everywhere I go, I have done my job.