Gentry Faith Wilson

I'm Gentry Faith Wilson - iced tea fanatic, shrimp taco connoisseur, outdoor enthusiast, photographer, filmmaker, and wannabe pro-surfer. Small-town born and raised, I have an uninhibited curiosity for unique walks of life and inspiring stories told in the most unexpected places. I moved to Austin, Texas in 2012 to study Advertising at the University of Texas and was trained by some of the best visual story-tellers in the country. 

From the mountaintops of Peru, to the basins of the Amazon Rainforest, to the vast savannah of Zambia, I have had the chance to explore beautiful lands, meet brilliant and grounded people, work for awesome brands, and have brought back amazing stories to tell. If I am not planning the next big adventure, you can find me drinking jasmine green tea on a porch in the Houston Heights, editing photos of beautiful people, or playing guitar with my awesome husband, Timothy.