John Dale

My name is John Dale and I grew up in the outdoorsman’s mecca of Houston, Texas. Yet, at an early age my father made it a point to get out into nature as much as possible. Whether through cycling, fishing, hiking, backpacking or canoe trips, we would create as many opportunities as possible to go outside and I used his 35mm film camera to document it all.

I saved up for a year and bought my first DSLR during my freshman year of college. This was right when I started to step into being my own outdoorsman and the two passions grew side by side. Before I knew it, I was headed out as much as possible to capture my friends in the outdoors partaking in things that brought them true joy.

I moved to Boulder, Colorado a few years back to continue to pursue these passions. Now, I’m working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Photography has allowed me to combine my loves in life into a creative outlet that gives me time in the wilderness with amazing people.