Justin Burgan

I love it when people call me JB, but my actual name is Justin Burgan. My adventurous spirit formed during my childhood years from building tree forts and climbing trees to exploring unmarked woods and making my own trails. This taught me a life lesson at an early age; there will not always be a trail for you to walk on in life, but nothing is stopping you from creating your own path. Many years later, I've found this still to be true in my everyday life.
I picked up a snowboard and a camera at the age of 11, more than a decade later, I am still ripping and still shooting more than I ever have before. After my Freshman year of college, I realized that the hobby I had of filmmaking was something I felt called to pursue as a profession. I've been professionally shooting the past few years and am so fortunate that I can call one of my passions in life as my job. Other than adventuring, snowboarding, and filmmaking, I am passionate about: people, dreams, and serving. All of my passions is where I find majority of my inspiration to keep creating and filming.
Currently, I live in Johnson City, TN and am pursuing freelance filmmaking as a full time gig. I want to keep exploring and documenting where life takes me. Ultimately, I want to bring the adventures back to your fingertips along with inspiring others to do and find what they are passionate about. Adventure Awaits, Let's Go.