Rosee Canfield

"Hi there! I'm Rosee. I am an SF based graphic designer, illustrator & fun enthusiast. Born and raised in Texas, I have love for big skies and a passion for finding the bright and beautiful in the everyday - people, places, feelings.

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to do something creative. Somehow, in the crazy scheme of things I was able to trick people into thinking I knew what I was doing…despite not having a design degree. Seriously, y’all - the best advice I ever got, career wise, was “fake it till you make it.” With the help of those who believed in me and who took a chance on me, I have been able to make my career as a designer. My job allows me to seamlessly combine the things that I love - relationships and creativity. I love that design is a universal communication that can inspire, encourage and bring people together.

Aside from designing, I also take photos, teach classes, quote movies, and am perpetually on the hunt for the perfect cup of tea."